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Casi DeSarro

This podcast will not only help elevate your life, it’ll give you some laughs too! I am here to shed light onto a lot of topics including: the food industry, spirituality, mental health, mindset tools, and so much more! This podcast is designed to give out helpful golden nuggets of wisdom & new perspectives in order to raise the collective’s consciousness. I’m so excited to discuss all of that and more! Thanks for tuning in! YouTube version:

30 - How You Are Unconsciously BLOCKING Your Manifestations
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  • 30 - How You Are Unconsciously BLOCKING Your Manifestations

    This is how MOST people are attempting to manifest. Most of these people have no idea they are self-sabotaging by doing this. It doesn't work. Fear. It can show up in ways that doesn't even feel like fear. I talk about how it shows up in this episode. I also talk about what to do to transmute this hidden fear, like working on your receiving abilities. Working on your TRUST. Working on your BELIEF that you are worthy, that the Universe does have your back & that this WILL undoubtedly happen for you. Choose faith over fear. Believe in order to see!!! :) Find me on Instagram: @casidesarro - let me know your biggest takeaway! I appreciate you!

    Thu, 23 Sep 2021
  • 29 - Navigating 3D: How to Manage Your Energy

    Okay so let’s talk about this Matrix that we currently reside within. It can be draining. It can take a lot from us. It can feel defeating and like we just want to unplug from all obligations. But alas! I had a download come through that allowed me to understand that we need to do more than just disconnect. We also need to connect… to something else in order to regain energy! I hope you enjoy! Feel free to fast forward to about 20 min, I get a little chatty! Xo

    Wed, 01 Sep 2021
  • 28 - The Fear of Empowerment + The Division of Society

    Most people these days seems to be anxious, upset, angry or scared. I mean, I don’t blame them. This is a crazy world right now! But in this episode, I help you understand YOUR Truth, help you harness YOUR power & assist you in transmuting fear into peace. There is a meditation at the very end! Please enjoy! Thank you for subscribing & sharing! Be sure to tag me on insta with your biggest takeaway @casidesarro or message me any feedback you have! Let’s come together, my peeps! I believe in us! 🙏🏻 LOVE YOU (no matter what 😉)!!!

    Wed, 18 Aug 2021
  • 26 - Emotions + Physical Pain

    I talk about how repressed/ignored emotions impact our physical health. I talk about a story that happened the other day when I was in terrible pain throughout my torso, it felt like horrendous indigestion. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and was blaming it on Oat Milk. Ultimately, I found out the real reason. Suppressed motions. Thank you for the reviews! Thank you for Subscribing! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCHHHH!!!!! Contact me at for personal 1:1 coaching services! 30 Day Transformations or long-term coaching available! :) Hang out with me on Instagram: @casidesarro

    Tue, 03 Aug 2021
  • 25 - Intentional Awareness + Creating Memories

    I was inspired by a beautiful soul on Instagram today! When I went live, she asked about how having intentional awareness can produce different memories. My mind kind of blew up and I rambled on forever about this new perspective! So I said, ya know what- I’m doing a podcast ep on this fuggin dope ass idea! I hope that you enjoy this special ep of PODCAS! Please, as always, feel free to share this on your socials! I appreciate your support! And tag me on Instagram if this ep resonates: @casidesarro :)

    Fri, 16 Jul 2021
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