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First Person Plural: EI & Beyond

First Person Plural: EI & Beyond

Key Step Media, Daniel Goleman, Hanuman Goleman, Elizabeth Solomon

First Person Plural: Emotional Intelligence & Beyond, brought to you by Key Step Media, is a podcast about us, the systems we’re a part of, and how we create an emotionally intelligent future. Co-hosted by New York Times best-selling author, Daniel Goleman, Hanuman Goleman, and Elizabeth Solomon this show will go beyond the theory of emotional intelligence, presenting an array of stories that illuminate how emotional intelligence is being put into action. Inspiring you to lead with more mindfulness and resilience, the show will bring you a new awareness of the systems we work, live, and create in.

36 - George Kohlreiser, How Leaders can Overcome Conflict
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  • 36 - George Kohlreiser, How Leaders can Overcome Conflict

    How many of us believe conflict should be avoided at all costs? Our guest, George Kohlreiser, shares how openly facing conflict helps us progress through our most difficult challenges.

    George Kohlrieser is an organizational and clinical psychologist, hostage negotiator, and international best-selling author. He is Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, and a consultant to a plethora of Fortune 500 companies around the world. Moreover, Prof. Kohlrieser is a regular speaker at international management and professional conferences around including the World Business Forum, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations.

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    Tue, 21 Jun 2022
  • 35 - Karen Ziegler - Conflict and Leadership

    At the height of the AIDS epidemic, Karen Ziegler was senior pastor of an LGBTQ church in Greenwich Village. In this interview she shares how she led her congregation through a period of intense conflict.

    Karen led the church from 1978-1988 and then was a full-time organizer for several years in the AIDS community before becoming a nurse. Since retiring from work as a Nurse Practitioner 6 years ago she has been as a volunteer activist, serving as lead organizer for Democracy Out Loud Indivisible. She also works with the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and several other organizations. Having meditated on her own since 1979, she finally found a teacher in 1989 and since then has studied with teachers of vedic trantra, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Insight Meditation, plant medicine, and Tibetan Buddhism. She holds an MDiv from Union Theological Seminary, DMin from New York Theological Seminary, and an MSN from Duke University. Since 1917 Lama Rod Owens has been her primary teacher.

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    Tue, 14 Jun 2022
  • 34 - Aaron Wolf: Transforming Conflict

    In this episode, Hanuman and our guest, Aaron Wolf discuss conflict management. He's a water resources geographer at Oregon State University and a trained mediator. Wolf facilitates dialogue between groups to help them find a shared vision around some big issues. Faith that gets to the core of our identity and water rights, which govern our very survival. 

    First the hosts discuss Dan Goleman's own experience with conflict, sharing how he had to manage a conflict with his department at Harvard before they would endorse his plan to submit a thesis on meditation.

    Then we talk about Aaron Wolf's career mediating conflicts around the world. They discuss lessons learned from international conflicts over pollution, cultural faux pas, finding humility in conflict and what it feels like when there is change in the room, 

    We finish up with another installment of Ask Dan. This time the question is about how to love and know one's self. 

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    Tue, 07 Jun 2022
  • 33 - Sasha Dingle: Lessons from the Start Gate

    Athlete and entrepreneur, Sasha Dingle joins Liz Solomon to discuss her experience learning to live in harmony with her drive to excel. 

    Dingle is a high achiever in many facets of her life. She is the Founder and Director of Mountain Mind Project. She is a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher by the UCSD School of Medicine MBPTI. As a meditation teacher she facilitates mindfulness programs to an international client audience in the areas of leadership development, healthcare, education, and sports mental fitness.

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    Tue, 17 May 2022
  • 32 - Peter Haberl: Attention is the Currency of Performance

    This is the second conversation in our three part series on achievement, one of four self-management competencies in Dan Goleman’s framework of emotional intelligence.

    Our guest, Peter Haberl, joined the United States Olympic Committee in 1998. In his current position as senior sport psychologist, he provides individual and team consultations and mental training sessions to various national team athletes with a specific specialization in team sports. Haberl has enjoyed the privilege of having worked at nine Olympic Games, four Pan American Games, and one Paralympic Games with U.S. athletes. Prior to joining the Olympic Movement in the U.S., Haberl played professional ice hockey in Austria. Born in Austria, Haberl received his bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Vienna, Austria. He later earned his master's degree in counseling and his Ed. D. in counseling psychology at Boston University. A licensed psychologist, Haberl focuses on mindfulness and ACT-based interventions. He enjoys using his daughter’s art work in his presentations.

    In this episode, Peter Haberl joins Liz Solomon to discuss how US Olympic athletes, coaches and staff unlock achievement within the system of their teams.

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    Tue, 10 May 2022
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