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2010 - Hour 2: College Chaos?
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  • 2010 - Hour 2: College Chaos?

    The Get Up crew discusses their concerns for the Cowboys coming off their Thursday night win against the Saints. Despite the victory, are the Cowboys even Super Bowl contenders anymore? Looking ahead to Monday Night Football, which team needs a win more: Patriots or Bills? Our analysts break it down and give their picks. Plus, Heather Dinich and David Pollack rejoin the show to give their takes on Notre Dame's chances to make the playoff and what would happen in a chaos scenario.

    Fri, 03 Dec 2021
  • 2009 - Hour 1: The Big Ugly

    Sam Acho, Ryan Clark, Dan Graziano and Rob Ninkovich join Mike Greenberg to discuss their takeaways from the ugly Thursday night game between the Cowboys and Saints. How worried should we be about Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys run game? Should the Cowboys consider resting him if he isn't healthy? Heather Dinich and David Pollack preview college football's Championship Weekend. What are the chances of Alabama beating Georgia? Should Michigan be on upset alert? Plus, our resident Steeler, Ryan Clark, reacts to Mike Tomlin's comments from earlier this week. Is it time to finally bench Ben Roethlisberger?

    Fri, 03 Dec 2021
  • 2008 - Hour 2: Beating Father Time

    In honor of Aaron Rodgers' 38th birthday, the Get Up crew debates who they trust more in the NFC: Rodgers and the Packers or Tom Brady and the Bucs? The Patriots and Bills square off in Week 13's edition of Monday Night Football. Patriots reporter Mike Reiss joins the show to report on how Mac Jones is preparing for the hostile environment in Buffalo. Is he the most important thing to watch in this huge divisional game though? Plus, Russell Wilson's time in Seattle may be coming to an end as early as next season. Could a move to New York be in his future? Can he return to the Russell Wilson of old?

    Thu, 02 Dec 2021
  • 2007 - Hour 1: Duel in the Dome

    Louis Riddick, Dianna Russini, Bart Scott and Damien Woody join Mike Greenberg to break down if this is a must-win game for the Cowboys. Could an upset be on the horizon? Find out why one of our analysts thinks so. Aaron Rodgers is celebrating his 38th birthday today with one of his greatest seasons yet. Is he better than he has ever been? Coming off an implosion last weekend against the Bengals, what is most concerning about this version of the Steelers? Plus, the Ravens may currently sit atop the AFC but can they be trusted?

    Thu, 02 Dec 2021
  • 2006 - Hour 2: MVP Repeat?

    Heather Dinich, Paul Finebaum and Booger McFarland rejoin the show to discuss what Alabama has to do to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship. If they narrowly lose to Georgia, is there a path for them to get into the playoff as a two loss team? Lamar Jackson has seen both ups and downs this season. Should there be more cause for concern with him or more support for him as MVP instead? Plus, will anyone tell Greeny he is wrong about Rodgers being the league MVP? Who do our analysts trust more: Rodgers and the Packers or Brady and the Bucs?

    Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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