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Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.

2207 - Mike Moskowitz — the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi who became a trans ally
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  • 2207 - Mike Moskowitz — the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi who became a trans ally

    Mike's evolution came as a shock, when he was fired from Columbia University and started working in a deli

    Fri, 23 Sep 2022 - 53min
  • 2206 - Fearless Alice Anderson and her all-girl garage

    The story of an Austin-driving Australian maverick who died in mysterious circumstances (R)

    Thu, 22 Sep 2022 - 51min
  • 2205 - Jarvis Cocker and the Pulp master plan

    The former frontman recently uncovered boxes from his adolescence in his attic, and he was amazed at his early, detailed plans to take over the music industry

    Wed, 21 Sep 2022 - 52min
  • 2204 - Pirooz Jafari and the thread of home

    The author describes his early life during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war and how arthouse films and illegal street photography provided him with an escape

    Tue, 20 Sep 2022 - 52min
  • 2203 - Remembering Uncle Jack Charles — not true blue, true blak

    Uncle Jack was forcibly removed from his mother as a baby and denied his Aboriginality. A one-off trip to Fitzroy connected him with a family he didn’t know about, and promptly landed him in jail (R) (CW: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners please be aware — this interview contains the voice of someone who has died)

    Mon, 19 Sep 2022 - 00min
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