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1548 - Omicron could keep older workers on the sidelines
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  • 1548 - Omicron could keep older workers on the sidelines

    Workers over 65 were the fastest-growing segment of the labor force before the pandemic. But as the pandemic persists and new coronavirus variants spread, older adults have been slow to return to the workforce, and many have simply retired early. In a tight labor market, that shrunken labor pool could persist for years to come. We’ll also hear how bond buying could translate into higher mortgage rates, how omicron could further complicate the global supply chain and how stock images play a role in reinforcing whiteness.

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    Thu, 02 Dec 2021 - 26min
  • 1547 - Shipping logjams are polluting portside communities

    California’s portside neighborhoods, which are home to many low-income residents and communities of color, have long suffered from polluted air. But supply chain bottlenecks have worsened that pollution, which has been linked to cancer, heart disease and asthma. Though community advocates have pushed for emissions reductions, demand for goods that filter through the port is still at a record high. Also on the show today: A chat with Visa’s CEO about the future of digital payments; economists weigh in on how omicron could affect the market; and why it can be hard to find a public bathroom.

    Join Marketplace’s mission to make everyone smarter about the economy – make your year-end gift today!

    Thu, 02 Dec 2021 - 27min
  • 1546 - Food banks are being squeezed by inflation too

    Food banks saw increased demand at the height of the pandemic. Now, as inflation limits what your buck can buy at grocery stores, demand is rising yet again. But food banks are dealing with those higher costs too, as well as supply chain issues that mean longer wait times for their orders and fewer donations. Also on today’s program, how Substack has changed the media landscape, what the omicron variant might mean for consumer confidence and why the U.K. aspires to be a green hydrogen powerhouse.

    Wed, 01 Dec 2021 - 27min
  • 1545 - In case you forgot: COVID still runs this economy

    The coronavirus omicron variant caused stock market jitters on Friday. While the strain’s impact on global health remains to be seen, if omicron is similar to the delta wave, we can expect travel and consumer spending to take a big hit. How it might affect inflation is unclear. Plus: Black Friday spending is up but still below pre-pandemic levels; millennials are sidelined in the homebuying market; and schools prepare to use federal pandemic relief.

    Tue, 30 Nov 2021 - 26min
  • 1544 - Next-day delivery is so pre-pandemic. Cue ultra-fast delivery.

    Whereas next- or same-day delivery services transformed the way people shopped at the height of the pandemic, there’s a new kid in town: companies that will deliver an order in under 20 minutes. While the services have made it to densely populated urban areas in the United States, the market is particularly booming in the United Kingdom. Victoria Craig takes us to London, where — for super-fast delivery apps — competition is fierce, investment is booming and pathways to long-lasting profit are uncertain. Plus: The Weekly Wrap, a sky-high battle for 5G and a Black Friday look at consumer spending.

    Sat, 27 Nov 2021 - 26min
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