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Martin Willis

Podcast UFO is place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Listeners are welcome to interact with guests, visit the website to find out how. Shows are recorded live on YouTube stream every Tuesday evening, 6:00 to 8:00PM ET.

643 - 483. Peter Maxwell Slattery
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  • 643 - 483. Peter Maxwell Slattery

    Guest Peter Slattery discusses his encounters since a young age, how he interacts, and his thoughts on what this may be about. Not just UFOs, but other facets of what is considered 'paranormal'. He also discusses his film, Multidimensional which is out on various platforms.https://www.amazon.com/Multidimensional-Peter-Maxwell-Slattery/dp/B09JLB2ZGS (https://www.amazon.com/Multidimensional-Peter-Maxwell-Slattery/dp/B09JLB2ZGS)

    Tue, 30 Nov 2021 - 1h 52min
  • 642 - AudioBlog: A UFO Falls to the Ground in Yorkshire, England

    In 1957, the same year the Soviets launched Sputnik, British authorities, media, and citizenry had their attention drawn back down to Earth as they attempted to unravel the mystery of a flying saucer said to have been found laying in a moor. It was dismantled, studied, and opinions were divided between its having come from space and its having been manufactured right here on Earth. Over time, the saucer went missing, but the mystery as to its origin remained. Then, in 2018, pieces of the saucer and its mysterious contents were found in the archives of the Science Museum in London.The case was first reported in the December 9, 1957 Yorkshire Post in an article headlined “Mystery Object Found on Scarborough Moors” with the sub-headline “Has Unusual Hieroglyphics.” It was written about in detail in the March-April 1958 issue of Flying Saucer Review.According to the Flying Saucer Review article headlined “The Silpho Moor Mystery,” a man “who writes under the pen name Antony Avendel” had examined an object discovered lying in Silpho Moor near Scarborough. The object is described as being shaped like a top, weighing 35 pounds, having a diameter of 18 inches, and having hieroglyphics on its outside. It was made of a double skin of 3/16” copper. A “burnt powdery substance” was found inside along with a copper book rolled up and inserted into a coil of copper tubing. The book was made of 17 copper sheets containing over 2000 words “engraved in phonetic-type symbols.”Read more → (https://podcastufo.com/a-ufo-falls-to-the-ground-in-yorkshire-england/#more-2510)

    Sun, 28 Nov 2021 - 07min
  • 641 - 482. Dean Alioto

    Guest, Dean Alioto discusses how he decided to take UFOlogy seriously when he truly realized there was something to it, and talks about how he looks at the phenomenon now, his journey along the way that all started from the McPherson Tape, the original "found footage" movie he crated in 1989. Callers with an encounter and one with an insight on nukes.Show Notes

    Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 1h 53min
  • 640 - AudioBlog: UFOs Over Wytheville, Virginia

    Beginning in October 1987, there was a UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia. Thousands of people in the area reported seeing extraordinary things in the sky, but the most commonly told story that came out of the flap centers around a single witness who, it seems, was singled out for harassment by some unknown entity or organization.On October 7, 1987, reporter Danny Gordon of radio station WYVE called the county sheriff, as he regularly did, to see if the sheriff had any news for him that day. The sheriff told Gordon that three deputies, all ex-military, had reported seeing a UFO that day. According to Gordon in the course of his appearance in a segment devoted to the Wytheville flap in Season 4, Episode 18 of Unsolved Mysteries, the story was used as what he calls a “ha-ha” piece at the end of that day’s newscast. Read more → (https://podcastufo.com/ufos-over-wytheville-virginia/#more-2488)

    Sat, 20 Nov 2021 - 08min
  • 639 - 481. Tenth Anniversary Show!

    Three Hour Show: Guest Luis Jimenez along to celebrate our ten years of Podcast UFO, we will be hearing from Stephen Bassett (our very 1st guest), Alejandro Rojas (former UFO newscaster) Michael Lauck (former UFO newscaster, blog writer), Charles Lear (blog writer), Clas Svahn, Leslie Kean, Dean Alioto, Lee Speigel, David Marler, Bryce Zabel, Greg Bishop, Jennifer Stein, Peter Robbins, John Greenewald, Jr, Kathleen Marden, Richard Cutting, Stan Gordon, Calvin Parker, Philip Mantle, Ben Hansen, Robert Powell, Chris Lambright, Kevin Randle, Sam Maranto, Linda Zimmermann, Dr Michael Masters, Irene Privin, Chase Kloetzke, Paul Eno, Ben Moss & Tony Angiola, Jordan Bonaparte, Preston Dennett, David O’Leary, longtime listeners call-in and more.

    Tue, 16 Nov 2021 - 3h 19min
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