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A Date With Dateline

A Date With Dateline

Kimberly and Katie - ADWDL

Kimberly and Katie are professional true crime TV experts with no formal training but evidence lockers filled with snark and uninformed opinions. Katie watches Dateline in hopes to learn how to prevent her new husband from murdering her for the life insurance money, and Kimberly watches so she’ll know what to say when Keith Morrison interviews her about her best friend Katie’s murder.

274 - Deadly Exposure S.19 Ep.74
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  • 274 - Deadly Exposure S.19 Ep.74

    Due to an international sporting event Kimberly and Katie are diving into the NBC Peacock archive to find this vintage Dateline. It's an episode filled with questions. How did a mother and wife really meet her demise on an air mattress in the upstairs bedroom of her home? Was it really a CO2 accident due to a faulty water heater? What are the actual statistics of that happening (because one or both of our hosts have suspicious water heater locations)? And why didn't the other person in the house also die from these noxious fumes? As per usual, Kimberly and Katie are kind of sure what happened here, but actually not really that sure. But they are sure that this episode includes some mighty peculiar personalities, a slew of excuses from the accused (including an overflowing toilet), the most highly questionable moustache of modern times, and a family reunion with so much drama that it should’ve been hosted by Andy Cohen. Triple check your carbon monoxide detector and please enjoy this very, very, very special episode of A DATE WITH DATELINE: Bad Chemistry Edition! Official Description from PEACOCK: Police doubt an Ohio doctor's story about events leading to his wife's death. Kate Snow reports. We are still blown away by the generosity of our friends and Patreons Tori and Tyrella at Killer Queens! Make sure you are subscribed to them, and leave them a 5 star review. Do it for us! Or do it for them. Just do it! Check out this week’s amazing sponsors! Stock up on all your clothes for summer by heading to and use code DATEDATELINE at checkout to get 20% off all your summer gear! Quality clothes that look great and last! To get started on your skin care journey from your home,  just go to  and click Begin Visit, then use our code DATEDATELINE at sign up and you’ll get fifteen dollars off your dermatology visit! Listen to Dr. Death and check out the new bonus episodes by following Dr. Death on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, or you can listen ad-free by joining Wondery Plus in the Wondery App! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 28 Jul 2021
  • 273 - Twisted Loyalty S.29 Ep.51

    In this new Dateline saga, The Marvelous Ms. Morales returns and leads us on a twisted journey of double murder, backstabbing, and a countrywide man (or woman) hunt! We’re heading back to the 90s where the owner of a cool Chicago bar is murdered in cold blood and one stylish woman with a tragic past is at the center of the crime. Looks can be deceiving in this case and not even a well dry cleaned power suit can hide the ugliness behind the Suh-pposed murder mastermind. Kimberly and Katie are ready to order a watered down well cocktail and dive into this tale of twisted brotherly love. Please enjoy this very special installation of A DATE WITH DATELINE: Sibling Criminality. Official Description from NBCU: Chicago police search for a killer after Robert O'Dubaine, a nightclub owner, is gunned down in his home; as detectives investigate the motive, they discover it was a targeted killing, connected to a twisted sense of loyalty and tradition. Natalie Morales reports. Thank you to the queens of our hearts, KILLER QUEENS the podcast!!! If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you doing?! Leave them 5 stars while you’re at it and check out their Patreon for more content! Help support ADWD by checking out our sponsors! Visit to get 10% off your first month! Join over 1 million people taking charge of their mental health! We can all use a little (Better) Help! Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order at to get personalized hair care with your name all over it!  Find out for yourself why GLAMNETIC lashes are Instagram’s favorite beauty hack. Go to and enter our promo code DATEDATELINE for 30% off your order!  Give into those cravings the healthy way by going to and selecting ANY product, then enter the code DATEDATELINE at checkout to save 20% off your purchase! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 21 Jul 2021
  • 272 - Double Date: Blood Relatives S.4 Ep.12 -No Bones About It

    It’s the long anticipated and highly requested (by two people) return of A Double Date with Dateline: The Blood Relative Files! It’s the continuation of ADDWD’s never-ending deep dive into ID Network's show Blood Relatives, and we’ve finally been given a cute Creature of the Week! No offense to those slugs, spiders, and hermit crabs, but this week we’ve got a BABY POSSUM*! His name is Scrambles and he’s ready and totally qualified to solve the crime when a rich Texan family’s fight over land leads to multiple murders! Kimberly and Katie have some experience with this case but are relieved when ID Network actually sheds more light on some of the more confusing aspects of farming and farm management at the executive level. It's Friday and that means grab a big piece of pecan pie and get ready to analyze... because we love a good episode of Blood Relatives and we make NO BONES ABOUT IT! *From Both possum and opossum correctly refer to the Virginia opossum frequently seen in North America. In common use, possum is the usual term; in technical or scientific contexts opossum is preferred. Opossum can be pronounced with its first syllable either voiced or silent. Official Description from INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY: Backstabbing leads to more than one death in a prominent Texas family. Scrambles reports on the case.  ID Network: Blood Relatives No Bones About It: Season 4, Episode 12 Help Support A Date with Dateline by checking out our wonderful sponsors! Visit for 15% off your first order! You might want to buy several of the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascaras so that your mom doesn’t borrow (steal) them! Start your 100-day trial and shop the entire Away lineup of travel essentials, including their best-selling suitcases, at! Think of the first 100 days with your suitcase as a trial period. Take it on the road, change your mind about the color, or return it—for free! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Fri, 16 Jul 2021
  • 271 - House of Horrors S.29 Ep.50

    Welcome to Saw XII: HOUSE OF HORRORS! Nope, it’s a Dateline episode in which Andrea Canning is walking us through a mysterious double murder that rocked the town of Quitman, Texas. Queen Andrea goes head to head with a mom who would do ANYTHING to protect her son. And it’s all on tape, quite literally! But the facts in this case are confusing and there are distracting elements that have Kimberly and Katie asking yet again... Who actually done it? Will a bloody rag, a teenage garage turned bedroom, the aforementioned tape or the first witnesses on the scene ultimately seal the accused killers' FAYte? Find out in this very special Texas edition of A DATE WITH DATELINE! Official Description from NBCU: After a mother and son are found dead, it takes nearly a decade to unravel the case. Andrea Canning reports the latest, including how a second investigation led to a new and unexpected arrest. This episode is once again dedicated to our fabulous July sponsors, Killer Queens!!!! Make sure you’re subscribed and give them a 5-star review for their kindness in supporting our show and just because they are awesome ladies! Thank you Tori and Tyrella! Support ADWD by getting some great deals from our sponsors! Go to and use code dateline14 for up to 14 free meals plus free shipping!!! Hello? America’s #1 meal kit, what’s up? Glad you called! Get 30% off your first Betabrand order when you go to! It’s for a limited time only so check them out now! I want my Betabrand, Betabrand, Betabrand… Go to and get twenty percent off your first order! Join the Bombas obsession and be sure to check out their amazing Pride collection!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 14 Jul 2021
  • 270 - KILLER PSYCHE - New from Wondery

    When a shocking crime occurs, people ask “WHY?” Was it about power, ego, or revenge? On KILLER PSYCHE, retired FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong draws on her decades of experience to reveal why these murderers and criminals committed these acts. She will reveal fascinating new details about what drove these people, including cases she worked on first-hand. Candice has been called the FBI’s “real-life Clarice Starling,” and she will share specific psychological methods and profiling techniques that experts use to understand the deepest part of the most complex, fascinating, and twisted minds, from the Unabomber to Dr. Death to El Chapo. Listen to Killer Psyche: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Tue, 13 Jul 2021