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Make Better Wedding Films

Ben Journee

New ideas for radical films about people in love 📹⚔️🖤 Presented by: Side Project Films Find us on Instagram: @makebetterweddingfilms

30 - Creating Balanced Films ft. Stanton Giles - Films by Stanton
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  • 30 - Creating Balanced Films ft. Stanton Giles - Films by Stanton

    We often have a certain style of film that we prefer to create, whether it’s more moody and “cinematic” or fun and upbeat, but the reality is that most weddings contain a full spectrum of emotions and energies. Today I’m talking to Stanton Giles of @filmsbystanton because his work, I feel, is a rare example that shows the full spectrum of emotions on a wedding day. On today’s show we’ll be breaking down Stanton’s work and figuring out how he transitions between the light and shade, the highs and lows and still manages to create balanced, cohesive films.

    Make sure to check out Staton's YouTube channel as he's putting out some great educational content over there! As well as follow his work at the links below.





    Tue, 27 Jul 2021
  • 29 - Stealing from Music Videos ft. Grace Andrew & Ben

    I’ve had a few types of episodes on my to-do list since rebranding this podcast and today is one of those episodes.

    Today we are looking at music videos to see what we can learn from them, what ideas we can add to our toolbox and how we might adapt them for wedding films.

    Now today we’ll just be looking at a small selection of music videos to come out recently because the idea for this kind of episode is that we can revisit it again and look at different types of music videos from different eras.

    So I hope you enjoy todays’s show and that it get’s you excited to try something new in your films.

    Below is a list of all the music videos we mention during the show (and a few more) so you can go check them out for yourself!


    Colour -

    Justin Bieber, Peaches

    Reiley, Let it ring

    Lighting -

    Demi Lovato - What other people say (flashing colourful lights)

    Faozia & John Legend, Minefields (light on drone)

    Audrey Nuna - Comic sans (red light at night)

    Match cuts -

    Demi Lovato - What other people say (0:25)

    NF, Clouds

    Audrey Nuna - Time

    Extreme Motion Blur -

    The Vamps, Would You

    Buff Nerds, D-Smoke

    Audrey Nuna - Comic sans (whip cuts)

    Nostalgia (16mm, 35mm, DV cams)

    Audrey Nuna, Damn Right

    Audrey Nuna - Time (DV cams)

    Miley Cyrus, Angels like you

    Olivia Rodrigo - Dejavu (DV cams and vintage pastel colours)

    Tate McRae - bad ones (DV cam, full 90’s style visuals)

    Bea Miller, Aminé - FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT (DV cams)

    Wide angle lenses -

    Justin Bieber, Peaches

    Years & Years, Starstruck

    Audrey Nuna - Comic sans

    Zooms -

    Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar

    Long lens gimbal -

    Faozia & John Legend, Minefields

    Handheld -

    Audrey Nuna, Damn Right

    Mon, 12 Jul 2021
  • 28 - 10,000 Hours ft. Gione da Silva

    Malcolm Gladwell describes his famous “10,000 hours” heuristic as a symbol for the fact that the time needed to develop an innate understanding for a particular skill is most likely longer than any of us anticipate at the outset.

    On today’s episode I’m joined by the incredibly talented Gione da Silva, who shares basically a whole two day workshop worth of content on lighting, composition, posing and editing into this hour and a half long episode.

    There are no quick fixes when it comes to being an amazing filmmaker, you do have to put in the hours, but I hope that today’s episode shows you that the secret to making those hours count is to be intentional with everything you do and know that there is always more to learn.

    If you enjoy today’s episode and want to dive deeper into education with Gione, he offers private mentoring sessions that you can check out here: https://www.gionedasilva.com/education-learn-wedding-videography/

    Make sure to follow us on Instagram

    Gione: https://www.instagram.com/gione.silva/

    Us: https://www.instagram.com/makebetterweddingfilms/

    Mon, 28 Jun 2021
  • 27 - Intuitive Filmmaking ft. Kathryn Majic - Blnk Films

    No Grace or Andrew today team, I'm flying solo!


    We’re often chasing a certain aesthetic or style in our work, light and airy, dark and moody, fun, cinematic, emotional, whatever it is we are constantly trying to get our work closer to the image of it that’s in our heads.

    Some of us take a very methodical, structured approach while others rely more heavily on their intuition.

    Today I’m joined by Kathryn Majic from Blnk Films, who is firmly in the latter camp. Kathryns intuitive approach to filmmaking is really fascinating to unpack and is a good reminder to us all that there is an infinite number of ways to approach this craft.

    On this episode we’ll be breaking down Kathryn’s work and exploring some of the ways that she creates her beautiful, dark, moody and textural films.


    Make sure to follow Kathryn on Instagram - @blnkfilms

    Mon, 14 Jun 2021
  • 26 - House on the Clouds ft. Siddharth Sharma

    On our instagram page I have a little line in the bio that invites people to DM us if they want to review their films. Our guest today, Sid from House on the Clouds, a Mumbai based wedding film and photo company took up that offer and sent me a message asking for a critique of his latest film and I was absolutely mind blow, it was incredible. I wrote back immediately and said you have to come on the show! and he agreed.

    For anyone unlucky enough, like myself two weeks ago to have never seen House on the Clouds work, it’s impeccable. The cinematography, the editing, the lighting, the storytelling… it’s unique and most importantly authentic, nothing seems gimmicky or forced.

    Today, Andrew and I will be chatting with Sid about his work and getting him to go in depth on his creative process, how he works with couples, his gear, how he colour grades, everything…

    Follow @houseontheclouse on Instagram

    Make sure to follow us too if you don’t! We are sharing heaps of cool tips and tricks every week! @makebetterweddingfilms

    Mon, 31 May 2021
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