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The Al Franken Podcast

The Al Franken Podcast

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A five-time Emmy winning SNL comedy writer/producer, joins a four-time #1 NYT bestselling author, a three-time highest-rated national progressive radio host, a two-time Grammy winning artist, and a former US Senator. So, it gets a little crowded in the booth when Al talks public policy and sometimes political comedy with notable guests. Think “The Daily” without the resources of the NYTimes.

121 - Norm Ornstein & Tom Mann - Who Called the GOP a Sham Years Ago!
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  • 121 - Norm Ornstein & Tom Mann - Who Called the GOP a Sham Years Ago!

    In 2012 Ornstein & Mann wrote It’s Even Worse Than It Looks. And, man, were they right!

    Sun, 13 Jun 2021 - 1h 05min
  • 120 - Ed Shelleby - My Communications Director–On Working for a Different Kind of Senator. Plus, a Rant on Voting Rights

    Al Talks with His Senate Communications Director on Why the Franken Office was a Blast & Got Stuff Done! & Al on Democracy. Hitler didn’t end it. The Confederacy didn’t end it. Let’s not let Senate Republicans!

    Sun, 06 Jun 2021 - 1h 04min
  • 119 - Louis King – The Real Deal

    For 25 yrs. Louis has provided job training for thousands of folks from the Northside of Minneapolis. He walks a good walk. And talks a good talk.

    Sun, 30 May 2021 - 53min
  • 118 - Amy Klobuchar & Al Discuss Anti-Trust & The Ted "Carnival" Cruz Joke

    The Chair of the Anti-Trust Subcommittee discusses her new book, Anti-Trust. From Facebook & Amazon & Google to Coffins & Sunglasses & Diapers.

    Sun, 23 May 2021 - 1h 03min
  • 117 - Howard Fineman on Republican Nihilism

    The Republican Party has entered new territory. And it’s ugly.

    Sun, 16 May 2021 - 1h 08min
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