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Martin Willis

Podcast UFO is place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Listeners are welcome to interact with guests, visit the website to find out how. Shows are recorded live on YouTube stream every Wednesday evening, 8:00 to 10:00PM EST.

569 - AudioBlog: More Metal from the UFO: The Bob White Object
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  • 569 - AudioBlog: More Metal from the UFO: The Bob White Object

    In last week’s blog, we looked at metals associated with UFO reports that were held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. The cases we examined were from the early days of the UFO mystery and in this week’s blog we’ll look at one that is more recent. Text: More Metal From the UFO: the Bob White Object (https://podcastufo.com/more-metal-from-the-ufo-the-bob-white-object/)

    Fri, 05 Mar 2021 - 08min
  • 568 - 444. Avi Loeb

    Guest astrophysicist, Avis Loeb discusses his recent book: 'Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth' which is an openminded theory that the object named Oumuamua that is visiting our solar system may be of Extraterrestrial technological origin. We also discuss Breakthrough Starshot, whose goal is to send a fleet of tiny probes to Alpha Centauri, then Marc D'Antonia joins us for the second hour to add to the discussion. Show Notes

    Tue, 02 Mar 2021 - 1h 53min
  • 567 - AudioBlog: Metal From the UFO

    From the days of the earliest citizen UFO investigators, metals associated with UFO reports have been held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. Labs have been employed in testing and claims have been made that the results support a non-earthly origin for the material in question. While some of these claims have been dismissed, others continue to be debated. The first modern UFO era citizen investigator was Kenneth Arnold, who was also the first modern era UFO witness. Arnold had seen a fleet of UFOs while flying near Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947. Arnold was offered an assignment by publisher, Ray Palmer, who was looking for a good story for the premier issue of his new venture, Fate magazine. Palmer had received a letter describing a sighting near Maury Island, off the coast of Tacoma, Washington. Six donut-shaped craft were reported, one of which seemed to be having difficulties. It discharged hot material that allegedly injured the witness’s son and killed his dog. Palmer asked Arnold to look into the story, and Arnold asked for $200. Palmer wired him the money and Arnold became the world’s first privately funded UFO investigator. Read more →

    Fri, 26 Feb 2021 - 10min
  • 566 - 443. Miguel Romero

    Guest, Miguel Romero talks about his longtime interest in UFOs, as well as UFOs in Mexico & worldwide incidents, and whether UFOs may have a connection to consciousness plus a lot more. Show Notes

    Tue, 23 Feb 2021 - 1h 52min
  • 565 - AudioBlog: A UFO, Humanoids and Robots Near Cisco Grove, California

    In our last blog (https://podcastufo.com/ufo-occupants-in-the-21st-century/) we looked at reports of 21st century UFO occupants. UFO researchers and investigators have given those that have a roughly human appearance the appropriate name “humanoid.” These creatures seem to be biological, but there have been occasional reports of robots accompanying UFO occupants. A dramatic 1989 report (https://apnews.com/article/5117ff1e9d2da3160174e7d9c8cbb6c4) comes from the city of Voronezh in Russia. This involved a 9-12 foot tall humanoid with three eyes, and a small box-shaped robot. They both exited a banana-shaped craft and took a walk in a park in front of terrified onlookers. The incident was reported by the official Tass news agency, picked up by the American Press, and featured in the Oct. 11, 1989 New York Times. An incident that didn’t get much attention from the press, but did get a lot of attention from UFO investigators, was reported in 1964. It involved humanoids and robots in Cisco Grove, California, that displayed actions far more hostile than a stroll in the park. Blog with Links: https://podcastufo.com/a-ufo-humanoids-and-robots-near-cisco-grove-california/ (https://podcastufo.com/a-ufo-humanoids-and-robots-near-cisco-grove-california/)

    Fri, 19 Feb 2021 - 08min
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