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Pod Save America

Pod Save America

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Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. You can listen to new episodes twice a week, and starting on October 26, 2021, we will be shifting our schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

822 - "Why We Can't Give Up."
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  • 822 - "Why We Can't Give Up."

    The U.S. Senate debates gun safety reform following the horrific school shooting at a Texas elementary school and Senator Alex Padilla joins to talk about what else can be done to stop mass shootings. And later, Jon and Dan go through Tuesday's election results from the primaries in Georgia and Texas. Our team has compiled a few ways you can help support the Uvalde community and the work to get rid of the Republican politicians who have failed to do anything to prevent shootings like these at

    Thu, 26 May 2022 - 1h 05min
  • 821 - "Trump Loses Georgia Again?"

    Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Georgia hold primaries this week, including the biggest race with possibly the most predictable outcome: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp versus Senator David Perdue, and Representative Karen Bass stops by the studio to talk about how she'll tackle crime and housing as mayor of Los Angeles.

    Tue, 24 May 2022 - 1h 06min
  • 820 - "The Most Dangerous Candidate of 2022?"

    Voters select Democratic and Republican nominees in North Carolina, Oregon, Kentucky, Idaho, and Pennsylvania in the biggest set of midterm primaries yet, and North Carolina Senate candidate Cheri Beasley joins to talk about her race against Trump-backed Ted Budd.

    Thu, 19 May 2022 - 1h 04min
  • 819 - "Stoking Hate in Primetime."

    A heavily armed 18-year-old carries out a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York inspired by the same racist conspiracy theory pushed by Tucker Carlson and Republicans in Congress, Biden tests new research by calling Republicans "Ultra MAGA", and Jonathon Martin joins to discuss his new book This Will Not Pass.

    Tue, 17 May 2022 - 1h 10min
  • 818 - "We Don't Chalk About Susan."

    A Senate vote to protect abortion rights fails but the larger fight has just begun, Joe Biden’s top economic advisor Brian Deese talks about the White House strategy on inflation and more, and Donald Trump goes 1 for 2 in this week’s primaries while getting some good news about his Twitter account.

    Thu, 12 May 2022 - 1h 16min