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672 - What help can pensioners get with their rising fuel bills?
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  • 672 - What help can pensioners get with their rising fuel bills?

    This week, the chief executive of the energy regulator Ofgem warned the energy price cap could rise to £2,800 a year for a typical home. A few days later, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, unveiled a £15 billion package to help households with their fuel bills - the second in three months. We'll discuss the details of what that means for pensioners with Helen Morrisey from Hargreaves Lansdown. We'll hear from the CEO of Amigo loans on a new scheme, approved by the High Court this week, which will allow thousands of people who were mis-sold loans to apply for compensation. What to do if you end up paying for a subscription unwittingly or can’t cancel it – and how the government plans to try and prevent consumers losing out. And a Money Box mini on the new interest rate for Premium Bonds announced this week. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm on Saturday 28th May, 2022)

    Sat, 25 Jun 2022
  • 671 - Let’s Get Physical

    Is that gym membership really worth it? Are there ways of getting fit for free? And can you ‘invest’ in your own health? Adam Shaw is joined by a panel of experts to answer your questions. Phill Wright - Business Transform Manager - Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity Steven Scales - Director of Membership and Sector Development – UK Active To share your experiences or to ask a question email moneybox@bbc.co.uk Producer: Drew Miller Hyndman

    Wed, 22 Jun 2022
  • 670 - How new rules might affect your energy bills

    This week, the energy regulator Ofgem, announced that the price cap, which most of us now pay for our electricity and gas, would be set every three months, not six as it does now. It says updating it more frequently should help avoid the kind of price shocks people are seeing now - with some saying their bill is doubling. It will also help the suppliers because if prices rise sharply they will not have to sell electricity and gas at below market rates for so long. Ofgem is also introducing a new charge on firms that offer customers cheaper deals. In future if someone switches to a cheaper supplier that supplier will have to pay a fee to their old supplier of part of the difference between the old and new rate. Critics say this Market Stabilisation Charge will make it uneconomic to offer cheaper deals. We'll discuss that with Neil Kenward the Director for Strategy at Ofgem. As inflation hits a 40 year high with prices rising 9% a year, our reporter Dan Whitworth visits Money Matters an advice centre Glasgow, which says it's facing unprecedented demand for help. And, in April, the Institute for Fiscal Studies warned that for some people the interest rate on their student loans could hit 12% later this year, because it is linked to inflation. It warned that might put some school-leavers off university. Or that high-earning graduates might be tempted to raid their savings to pay off their remaining debt. We'll hear from one graduate considering borrowing to pay off his student loan, and speak to Nick Hillman, the Director of The Higher Education Policy Institute, about the pitfalls of doing that. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Amber Mehmood Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm Saturday 21st May, 2022)

    Sat, 18 Jun 2022
  • 669 - Student Finance

    Are you ready for the start of university? From loans to bursaries, discounts to freebies, Charmaine Cozier puts your questions to our expert panel on all things student finances. We hear from Jordan, Andrew, Phoebe, and Susan as we try to prepare you for higher education. Panel: David Thomson - Head of Operational Support - Student Loans Company Tom Allingham - Save the Student

    Wed, 15 Jun 2022
  • 668 - The people using pawnbrokers to pay for food and fuel

    The National Pawnbrokers Association tells Money Box it will hold talks with the Financial Conduct Authority next week. That follows a report which shows people on low incomes are pawning goods to pay for food and fuel. As the cost of living crisis hits more households, pawnbrokers say they're becoming a more important source of credit. Critics argue that pawnbrokers charge annual interest rates of 120% and undervalue people's possessions whilst supporters say they're a vital source of finance for people on low incomes who can't get loans from banks. We'll discuss this - and hear from people in Chester selling things like phones and laptops in order to keep afloat financially. New analysis of Land Registry figures suggests house prices have gone up by 11 percent since before the pandemic. But the data, which compares average prices of properties sold in December 2019 with those in December 2021 shows that not all homes are equal. Prices of terrace houses rose by 13% but prices for flats dropped by the same amount. Semi detached and detached houses rose the most. Up by 20% and 26% respectively. We'll discuss that with property and mortgage experts. We'll hear how some young people are facing months of delays trying to access money from their Child Trust Funds. And the new rules on claiming tax relief for working from home. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm on Saturday 14th May, 2022)

    Sat, 11 Jun 2022