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Sex Manswers

Jacob Johnston

The Sex Manswers show ignores political correctness in providing unfiltered direct advice specifically for women looking to improve their sex & relationship with the man in their life. Advice from other women lacks knowledge of the inner workings of the male mind, men hold back on couples hosted Podcast and if asked directly face to face, men will play safe with politically correct answers. If you want the real unfiltered answers, this is the show to get it. If you listen, it's assumed you're a woman looking to take the first steps to improve your relationships.

104 - Ep 101) In-Laws Are Complicated & Questions Answered
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  • 104 - Ep 101) In-Laws Are Complicated & Questions Answered

    In the first half of this episode, I ramble on a bit about in-laws. These dynamics are complicated especially for men. The relationship with a father-in-law can be difficult and that's before you consider how men communicate and bond. If there is no common ground or interest, men will spend their time with in-laws in complete silence.

    In the second half of the episode, I answer more relationship questions.

    Fri, 09 Jul 2021
  • 103 - EP 100) Women, Grow A Fu*king Backbone

    In this episode, I read and respond to women seeking answers to their relationship questions.

    Question 1: Plan to get married next summer, boyfriend stops in the middle of sex to answer a daily phone call with his parents. Is it wrong for me to be upset?

    Question 2: Found out my boyfriend posted on social media about a year ago that I was terrible at BJs, I only recently found out, since so much time has passed should I confront him or just let it go?

    Question 3: My Husband has cheated on me for the third time, is it worth continuing to fight to stay together or leave the marriage?

    Fri, 02 Jul 2021
  • 102 - Ep 99) Money Over Happiness: Men Like To Dominate

    If given the choice, most men will choose making a lot of money doing something they have than making just enough doing something they like. Usually, this mentality has to deal with financial insecurity much like workaholism. There are ways to deal with this.

    Men have the need to dominate in their life. Feeling helpless or as if they are not in control is just not an option for most. Domination can be good or bad. Domination in one's career can lead to success, domination in the bedroom can be a healthy fetish if your partner loves to be dominated (submissive). Domination in the overall relationship can be toxic.

    Fri, 25 Jun 2021
  • 101 - Ep 98) A Man's Special Birthday Request

    A man's birthday is a special day. For one, it's the one day of the year in which a man can take a day off of work and not have a to-do list of work needing to be done around the house. It's also a day in which he can just relax and do the things he enjoys or simply watch TV without having to pause the show dozens of times because of interruptions.

    Another reason why a man's birthday is a special day is the special birthday request. A day in which he can request trying something new in the bedroom from his wife. The old sitcom joke was that a man's two favorite days of the year were his birthday and Christmas because those were the only two days he would get a blowjob. Maybe that's an over-exaggeration, but that may not be too far off. His birthday is a day he can request trying something new in the bedroom that his wife would not be willing to try any other day of the year. Some she will find out she likes, some not so much.

    With the focus being only on his pleasure, it leaves his birthday as the only day of the year in which he has guilt-free permission to be selfish in bed holding nothing back, not having to be concerned about his wife's sexual pleasure that day. The lessons I have learned reflection back on my birthdays over the years has provided some revelations that I share in this episode.

    Fri, 18 Jun 2021
  • 100 - Ep 97) You're Man Is NOT A Mind Reader

    Communicate what you're thinking. It's unreasonable for you to expect that your man should be able to telepathically read your mind.

    Fri, 04 Jun 2021
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