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Casi DeSarro

This podcast will not only help elevate your life, it’ll give you some laughs too! I am here to shed light onto a lot of topics including: the food industry, spirituality, mental health, mindset tools, and so much more! This podcast is designed to give out helpful golden nuggets of wisdom & new perspectives in order to raise the collective’s consciousness. I’m so excited to discuss all of that and more! Thanks for tuning in! YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4ANC208m8MpEORHIePX_w

25 - Intentional Awareness + Creating Memories
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  • 25 - Intentional Awareness + Creating Memories

    I was inspired by a beautiful soul on Instagram today! When I went live, she asked about how having intentional awareness can produce different memories. My mind kind of blew up and I rambled on forever about this new perspective! So I said, ya know what- I’m doing a podcast ep on this fuggin dope ass idea! I hope that you enjoy this special ep of PODCAS! Please, as always, feel free to share this on your socials! I appreciate your support! And tag me on Instagram if this ep resonates: @casidesarro :)

    Fri, 16 Jul 2021

    I did something different for this episode! I sat down, excited to record an epic episode, with no clear idea of what I was going to talk about. I tapped into my Intuition to understand what YOU need to hear today! This message is for anyone who really want to love themselves unconditionally and who really wants to care for themselves on a deeper level. The #SELFLOVE and #SELFCARE Movement = AWESOME, really. I love the message that we all should really take time to love on and care for ourselves. THIS IS IMPERATIVE for a happy life. BUT I explain that in my opinion, many people don't actually understand how to love themselves on a deeper level, versus simply giving themselves a bubble bath every night (um, those are awesome btw, just not the entire point). I also discuss the importance of our Intuition. Not in a way that connects us to the astral realm or spiritual world, but in a way that helps us decide what it best for us as we shift our habits for the better. I really love how this ep came out and I hope you like it, too! Did anything click for you? Or did it reiterate anything you are already working on? I would LOVE to hear your experience within this movement! Thank you for sharing. And as always, please message me on instagram: @casidesarro with any feedback, episode suggestions, questions or just say HI! :) and if you don’t have insta, feel free to email me! cassandradesarro@gmail.com :) Thank you for Liking, Sharing & Subscribing! YOU'RE THE BEST!

    Sun, 27 Jun 2021
  • 23 - Top 5 Ways To Stay Consistent in Reaching Any Goal

    Listen up! This is a good one! Spilling the tea here. Listen to Ep 4 Season 3 first (June Goals) and then come back to this one! Or you can listen after, I guess it doesn’t matter! Either way, you’ll gain some incredible tools and wisdom in order to reach the goals that are waiting for you! Let me know what you think! Tag me on insta! @casidesarro and feel free to find me on YouTube! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button! Thanks, friends! https://youtube.com/channel/UCl4ANC208m8MpEORHIePX_w

    Tue, 15 Jun 2021
  • 22 - JUNE GOALS!!!

    Today I talk about my five main commitments in June (& five others I’m working on as well). I think you’re going to like this ep - let me know if you do!!!! Feel free to message me on Instagram @casidesarro or share this episode on your stories! This episode’s Intention: Share my journey and story so I can inspire you on your journey. This episode’s Mantra: “The smallest commitments create the biggest transformations.” THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN! 🙏🏻 Feel free to WATCH these eps on YouTube, as well (& subscribe to my page)! https://youtube.com/channel/UCl4ANC208m8MpEORHIePX_w

    Thu, 03 Jun 2021
  • 21 - The Dark Side of Waking Up (DUN DUN DUN)

    WAKING UP can be beautiful, amazing & epic! BUT. We cannot forget about what else happens when our perspectives crack WIDE open. This may be an episode that some disagree with. Actually I KNOW there will be some people who will disagree with my opinions. But that is A O K! I am here to shed light on my own Spiritual Journey and navigating the darker shit that came to surface after awakening. Please let me know if this resonates! Please share if you loved this message. Thank you! Find me on Instagram and hang out with me on Stories: @casidesarro

    Wed, 26 May 2021
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